Anti Atlas new single out now

17 June, 2022

“The challenge of writing the lyrics for Secret was staring at myself in the mirror and accepting my own flaws. It was less about hiding myself and more about just being present in the moment. I'm so glad I did.” - Fred Lessore

The original Anti Atlas project, featuring Chris Hufford and Ned Bigham, was born out of experimenting with orchestral samples to create exotic chill-out music. With support from the likes of the Independent and the Sunday Times, the production duo went on hiatus after releasing two albums to critical acclaim.

They are now ready to relaunch the project, this time featuring soulful vocals by Fred Lessore. Heady vocal arrangements dance playfully among the strings and flutes, enhancing the group’s diverse and eclectic sound. With soaring melodies and witty lyricism, they are poised to deliver a uniquely cinematic and enticingly surreal listening experience.

Their first single Secret is an intimate introduction and exploration into privacy and the unknown. The subdued yet daring production style of Anti Atlas can be heard solidly from the outset, boldly merging 70s style acoustic guitars with a bed of french horns. The production outfit invites the listener into their world of subverted expectation and ludicrous possibilities. Lessore adds to this by riding their groove, slowly bucking in time with a sense of whimsy and psychedelic flare. Among witty revelations and a stirring middle 8, Secret remains tongue-in-cheek. Its coy nature takes the listener by the hand, guiding them from a blissful state of confusion into a compelling state of acceptance.

Secret is the first single in a series of releases from Anti Atlas, culminating in a full body of work at the end of 2022.