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Update August 2016

03 August, 2016

The two recent commission premieres were well received. 'Music to hear', acappella setting of Shakespeare's Sonnet VIII, was beautifully performed by the combined choirs of Chichester, Winchester and Salisbury Cathedrals at the Southern Cathedrals Festival twelve days ago. 'Heaven shall call her from this cloud of darkness' was stunningly performed by the Brodsky Quartet at Champs Hill and St Mary's last week as part of the Petworth Festival.

A track I co-wrote and recorded with Amy Winehouse ('Jazz 'n Blues') is mentioned in the current issue of Rolling Stone Magazine: link

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Update Spring 2016

11 April, 2016

The recording of 'Staffa' with the RSNO in Glasgow went well. Currently working with Gerry Fox to finish the installation. Also finishing a commission for the Southern Cathedrals Festival. This is an unaccompanied choral setting of Shakespeare's Sonnet VIII, 'Music to Hear'. It will be performed in Chichester Cathedral 21-23 July by the massed cathedral choirs of Chichester, Winchester and Salisbury. The next project is a commission for an eight minute work for the Brodsky Quartet, which is being performed at the Petworth Festival on 25th and 29th July. Also inspired by Shakespeare, its title is 'Heaven shall call her from this heart of darkness' (Henry VIII Act V Scene V, referring to the future Queen Elizabeth).

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